Calling COVID-19, A Chinese Virus: Is the Situation going toward the US-China War?

New Zealand (Ifocorner Online) On May 30, 2017, a book was published in the United States which became one of the best-selling books in a few days, and all policymakers, academics, and journalists started reading it.

The title of the book was "Destined For War: Can America and China Avoid Thucydides Trap" by Graham Allison. The book mentions the Thucydides's Trap, which means that the war between an emerging world power and an existing world power cannot be avoided.

Following the outbreak of the coronavirus in the world, the book by Graham Allison, a professor of international affairs at Harvard University, has once again become a hot topic. When US President Donald Trump called Code 19 a "Chinese virus", and his hawkish Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called it the "Wuhan virus", something that caused huge offense in Beijing then the American magazine Spectator wrote in a recent report that the first death by the deadly Corona was an "American thought" that they can control the fact by mutual interests, that China is going to be a world power.

The magazine quoted Professor Graham Allison's book ( "Destined For War: Can America and China Avoid Thucydides Trap")as saying that President Trump's and Mike Pompeo's statements fall into the category of an "irreversible war" between the emerging world power (China) and an existing world power (the United States).

Many of you will be asking the question, What is Thucydides? Thucydides was an ancient Greek historian who wrote about the Peloponnesian War between Sparta and Athens and

Thucydides trap is the name given to a process in which the superpower of its time feels threatened that the emerging power will take its place and it tries to stop it and in this endeavor there is a high probability of fighting. In an ancient Greek when Sparta felt threatened by Athens. This book also gives the example of War between Britain and Germany (The Second World War).

When US officials described Code 19 as the "Wuhan virus" and then "Chinese virus", a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman warned the United States to "focus on its work" before cursing China. '

Another Chinese Foreign Ministry official raised some questions for the United States and demanded that the soldier who had come to Wuhan to participate in military exercises and possibly be infected with the virus, America should Show results to the world.

After US officials called COVID- 19 a "Chinese virus," China's ambassador in the United States demanded them not to politicize the pandemic.

Major US allies, including Britain, Spain, and France, are also at risk of contracting the coronavirus. However, they have distanced themselves from attempts to politicize the virus.

However, voices are emerging from India, a new ally of the United States, in which there is talk of teaching a lesson to China. Tilak Devasher, a member of India's National Security Advisory Board, wrote in an article in The Tribune, expressing his displeasure over the attitude of China during the Coronavirus outbreak, citing the spread of Code 19 in the world. Since then, China's attitude has been "criminal" and it cannot escape the consequences.

Tilak Devasher, who is considered very close to India's national security adviser Ajit Doval, wrote that the world must now know the consequences of handing over it's manufacturing to China for such a long time. Tilak Devasher, like the US officials, is angry with the World Health Organization (WHO), which has praised Chinese efforts to control the coronavirus.
Tilak Devasher writes: "No matter how much China bribes WHO officials and spreads false information, China cannot escape responsibility.

The debate over, From where the virus came from is still raging. Is it natural or man-made and deliberately left out of a laboratory? Or did it leak unintentionally? So far no solid evidence has come to prove that, any country has prepared it in a laboratory and spread it in the world for some nefarious purposes. However, the allegation is being repeated on the doorstep of China.

When the Coronavirus spreads will stop around the world and when they will be able to overcome it, Then the United States and its allies will surely be attracted to it and ask for a share of the trillions of dollars that China has amassed with Western economies.

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