Can You Protect yourself from the Corona Virus(COVID-19) by improving your Immune System

New Zealand (Infocorner Online) There are 2,341,958 cases of the Corona Virus till today has been reported with 160,952 deaths have been reported and everybody seems to be concerned about his health and asking this question, Can we protect ourself from the Corona Virus with having Strong immune System.

Forget about the so-called drinks and vitamin products that give strength to the body, they are nothing more than magical tips in this modern age. In 1918, Vick's vaporub had an advertisement titled 'What is Spanish influenza and how to treat it?' Underneath it was written "Be quiet" and "Take a bath" and yes, use their medicine frequently. The global outbreak of 1918 was the deadliest epidemic in modern history that affected 50 million people (about a quarter of the world population) and caused tens of thousands of deaths.

But in crisis, there is always somebody who gets benefitted with opportunities. That time was the golden time for the quacks. The so-called millers' anti-septic snake oil, Dr. Bell's pine-tar honey and other similar so-called pharmaceutical products stand out against the Vick's Vaporub. Their ads began to appear in newspapers from time to time.

In 2020 today, nothing much has been changed. Although the time of COVID 19 and Spanish flu is different because there have been many scientific inventions over the course of a century, remedies and manuscripts are still in circulation as they were then. The only difference is that they are now being marketed with the announcement that they improve your body's immune system.

One of the weirdest jokes that are circulating on social media is that over-masturbation increases the number of white blood cells. Also, there are numerous numbers of eating tips for different diets to strengthen the Immune system. People are being told to eat foods that contain high levels of antioxidants and vitamin C (in 1918 people were encouraged to eat onions). , and now many self-made experts are also introducing new products. One such self-made expert claims that a solution of red chilies and green tea provides more protection against COVID 19 rather than a mask.

Here is no such thing as an immune or immune system boost. Unfortunately, the idea that pills, certain types of high diet and healthy habits improve the body's immune system is just an assumption. There is no scientific basis for boosting the immune system. Immunologist (immune system specialist) at Yale University of America, Akihiko Iwasaki says 'There are three parts of immunity. This includes our skin, respiratory tract and mucous membranes that protect us against diseases.

But if the virus passes through them, then our internal defense system comes in action (various chemicals and cells that fight against germs). If that doesn't work, then our synchronous immune system gets in the way. 'At this stage certain cells and proteins (called antibodies), begin to form. This process takes from a few days to a few weeks.

The important thing is that the immune system can only target certain germs. Avasaki says, "For example, the T cell that targets COVID 19 will not attack the flu or other germs." In most diseases, the immune system will eventually move. But another way to get it moving is vaccinations. Strengthening the immune system means increasing the body's ability to respond. Actually you wouldn't want to do that.

Take the example of the common cold, in which we feel body aches, fever, cerebral palsy, and phlegm. These symptoms are not caused by a virus. Rather, they arise from the movement of the body's defense system against the virus. In this case, the mucus helps to remove the germs, the fever or temperature makes your body uncomfortable for germs, and the germs do not increase their numbers, and the pain and weakness are felt due to the inflammatory chemicals which circulate in our veins and give immune cells a message on what to do and where to go. (These symptoms also send a message to our brain that it's time to relax and restore the body.)

Mucus and chemical messages are part of the inflammation, which is the key to the response of any healthy immune system. Since this is a very exhausting process, you do not want to move it all the time. And then all the viruses, including COVID 19, get it automatically. So if the market formulas are really a boost to the immune system, they will not only cheer you up, but you will always be in trouble. This is another spectacle that all products that boost the immune system also claim to reduce inflammation. Which means they suppress it instead of adding.

The immune system is very unpleasant if it remains in motion for a long time. For example, some people have allergies or sensitivities to pollen or have dust allergy. Although they are not a threat to the body. But still our immune system gets activated automatically. This results in sneezing, itching in the eyes, and viscosity in the body.

"The difficulty is that these medicines claims (immune system enhancers) have no scientific basis," says Iwasaki. If you are healthy, then forget about all the vitamins except vitamin D. Multivitamins manufacturers claim that they boost the immune system. BBC Future reported in 2016 that excessive vitamin supplements do not benefit healthy people, but are likely to harm some people.

Take the example of Vitamin C. Ever since the two times Nobel Prize-winning Lance Pauling announced that they eat eighteen thousand milligrams (18000mg) of vitamin C daily to prevent a cold, the popularity of this vitamin has been increased. This is 300 times more than the recommended dose. Although vitamin C has no scientific basis for fighting against colds and other respiratory diseases. Some experts see the sale of vitamin C as a business dishonesty. Especially in developed countries where people have large quantities of food available.

Although it is believed that in the 15th and 18th centuries, two million sailors (naval workers) and pirates were killed by scurvy (vitamin C deficiency), but now that number is very small. For example, in England in 2016 and 2017 only 128 people were hospitalized for the disease. In contrast, high doses of vitamin C can cause kidney stones.

"Excess vitamin supplements do not help your immune system as long as you are deficient in those vitamins," says Iwasaki. In developed countries, people get enough vitamins from their diet, except vitamin D (although there is a shortage in vegetarians). Avasaki says supplementing vitamin D is beneficial. Several investigations have revealed the link between low levels of vitamin D, respiratory diseases and acute symptoms.

But vitamin D deficiency is found in many countries. According to a 2012 estimate, about one billion people have this vitamin deficiency. And when more and more people are told to stay indoors, it will also have vitamin D levels in their bodies. Brightly colored vegetables and fruits contain the most antioxidants or compounds that prevent the breakdown in the body.

Answer of excess masturbation
Historically in Western practice, sexual activity was viewed suspiciously. An eighteenth-century doctor claims that the emission of a mania equivalent to one ounce (28 milliliters) equals 40 ounces (about 1.25 liters) of blood, Masturbation has been considered for lots of body problems for hundreds of years.

Now the concept is completely reversed, and modern research has shown that masturbation can also benefit health. For example, it improves the health of sperm in menstrual substances and reduces the probability of them becoming prostate.

But regrettably, claiming that the act of masturbating boosts the immune system and protect against the  Coved19 have no grounds. Although one study has shown that in some men, the number of white cells increases during sex and during ejaculation. However, there is no evidence that it protects against diseases.

However, one of the benefits is that it can be a source of protection by keeping you away from other people (Sex partner). The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene said in a recent tweet that 'you are your safest sexual partner' in this era of COVID 19.

No need to store antioxidants tablets
Can antioxidants (compounds that prevent the body breakdown) work against the disease? This is a bit complicated. In the process of inflammation, white blood cells release toxic compounds of oxygen. It is like a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they kill viruses and bacteria and prevent them from growing. On the other hand, they damage healthy cells, leading to cancer and aging, and immune system breakdown.

To stop this process, the body relies on antioxidants, which help to keep the body's cells safe by controlling their oxygen intake. Some antioxidants are found in foods that are found in high-colored fruits, salads and spices, such as carrots, eggplant, turmeric, etc. Brightness is due to the antioxidants in these colors.

Some patients are currently being tested to give them antioxidants supplements, an additional dose to understand the role of antioxidants in the treatment of COVID 19. However, it is one of hundreds of other possible trials undergoing COVID 19. However, no research has so far proven that excessive dose of antioxidants strengthens the immune system or prevents the spread of the virus.

Probiotics can, or can not be helpful
Probiotics, or microorganisms, are tiny microorganisms that contain a single cell and are beneficial to the human body. And they are artificially added to foods, drinks and pills. But the probiotics utility is pretty vague.

A 2015 study showed that the use of probiotics reduced people's upper respiratory tract diseases and their symptoms were less severe. Due to these, the use of antibiotics also decreased. However, the scientists involved in the study did not consider this evidence to be standard.

Importantly, there is no evidence of probiotics efficacy in the treatment of COVID 19.

So has something proved to be effective as well against Corona Virus?
Iwasaki says most of these assumptions are harmless, but the danger is that believing them can give you a false sense of security. She says, 'I warn that when people think of themselves as safe, they should not organize the gatherings by ignoring the safety measures.

There are some other remedies out there that can help improve the immune system. They're not very attractive, and you won't find many people selling them. However, their utility has been proved. And you do not even need to spend money on them. These include adequate sleep, exercise, a balanced diet, and do not take any pressure at all.

Also, the only sure way to improve the immune system to prevent germs is vaccination or immunization.

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