Heart Island: New York Public Cemetery: The last resting place of the Helpless People

New Zealand (Infocorneronline) Due to the thousands of deaths because of the coronavirus in the US city of New York,
the morgues have been filled with the dead bodies and now more than 24 bodies are being buried daily in the Heart Island Public Cemetery, where only 24 burial occasions used to occur in one week.

By April 13, more than 10,000 people had been found dead in New York City and the number of daily casualties had exceeded 700 in five days. The island of New York is one of the heart-shaped islands of the world, has been the home for the people who were poor, unknown and had no one to bury them.

For more than 150 years, the island has been the home for the corpses that have no heirs. More than one-third of these dead bodies are for newly born babies. They are buried in big trenches where thousands of bodies are buried, while there are also mass graves in which more than 150 people are sleeping forever.

Since 1869 in Hart Island of New York, people whose families have not been known are being buried. Here some other people have been buried who had been killed by an outbreak. During a recent outbreak of Corona Virus, the spokesperson for the mayor of New York has said that only people belonging to New York City are being buried in Hart Island or the people whose relatives did not appear to take their dead bodies.

For more than 200 years, the island was privately owned by various people, but in 1868 it was sold to New York City. One year later, 45 acres of land were dedicated to the cemetery on the island, where people were buried, whose families could not afford the burial. From that time on this island there is nothing special other than the burial of the people. The island is under the New York Department of Corrections.

More than a thousand people are being buried on the island every year. According to one estimate, one million people are buried here, but it is difficult to know the exact number because the tombs were reused in the 1930s. In addition, Most of the cemetery records were burned accidentally in the fire in the 1970s. The first burial ground in Hart Island took place in 1869, of a woman named Louisa van Slick, who was 24 years old. She was suffering from tuberculosis and had no information about her family.

The next year, when an outbreak of yellow fever spread, sick people were kept in quarantine on the Heart island. The New York City administration then set up a hospital here as well to treat the TB patients who were kept in Quarantine. In those days TB was called the white plague. One in every seven Americans used to get infected with this.

The island reappeared again public in 1985 due to another deadly disease. The disease was AIDS, which, due to lack of enough information, the morgues closed their doors for those killed by the disease. In the early days of AIDS, 17 people who died of the disease were buried on the island. The men were buried in an unusual graves which were dug around 14 feet deep.

It is said that most of the AIDS deaths across the United States are buried here. Heart Island Cemetery was declared a temporary cemetery during the influenza outbreak in 2008. The devastation of the Coronavirus outbreak continues in New York City, and the number of people wishing to visit Hart Island Cemetery is also growing. As the Heart Island Cemetery is under the reform of the Department so people are not allowed to visit their loved ones' graves.

Recently, efforts by organizations such as 'Heart Island Project' and 'Picture the Homeless' the families of the dead bodies were allowed to visit twice a month, but due to the Coronavirus outbreak, this has also been stopped.

Last December, the mayor of New York moved legislation and the duty to look after the Hear island was given to the city's island's Parks Department and also arranged more boats to be taken to the island. It has been described as a major breakthrough for those who want to visit their relatives' graves regularly.

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