How the Future Airplane Seats look like After the Lock-down: Post Corona virus

New Zealand (Infocorner Online) The Coronavirus outbreak is affecting all walks of life and also causing for changing people's attitudes.
Experts have said that it will take a long time for the world to recover from the effects of the coronavirus. It is now reported that steps will be taken in the future regarding air travel that no one would have thought of before the Coronavirus. According to the Sun UK, after the coronavirus, the planes will have a glass cabin on each passenger's seat so that each passenger can be protected from the breath of other passengers.

This is not just a possibility, but the design of prototypes of such seats has begun and soon you will see such seats in aircraft. These seats will have glass on both sides of the seat from the passenger's face to the chest, protruding one to one and a half feet forward. This will reduce the possible contact between passengers sitting nearby and reduce their risk of contracting pandemics such as the coronavirus. EasyJet and several other airlines have already announced that, In flights, one seat will be left vacant between two passengers so that there is adequate distance between the passengers.

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