Is the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has died: Story behind the scenes

New Zealand (Infocorner Online) - The British newspaper Daily Mail quoted a Chinese-backed journalist as claiming that North Korean President Kim Jong-Un has
died. But on the other hand, reports from Japan say that the health of the North Korean ruler is satisfactory

According to the Daily Mail, rumors are circulating that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has died, including a senior Hong Kong journalist. Journalist Xi Jianxingzhou says, he has learned from a highly credible source that Kim Jong Un has died.

On the other hand, a Japanese media outlet says that Kim Jong Un has undergone heart surgery and is now in good health. Earlier, it was reported that China had sent a special team of doctors to North Korea to medically examine Kim Jong Un.

Japanese media say Kim Jong-Un fell on the ground during a visit to the country due to chest pain. He was accompanied by a doctor who performed CPR on him and he was rushed to the hospital.

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