Meghan Markle Speaks out about the split from the Royal Family

New Zealand (Infocorner Online) Prince Harry and Megan Markle two of the Royal Family's most visible members announced on the 8th of January that they are going to be split from the Royal Family and going to be settled
in the shores of North America. Now after some time, Megan Markle speaks out about the reason behind the separation from the ROyal family. She blamed the ROyal family's attitude for the separation.
According to British media, Meghan Markle told her friend that the Royal family was unfair to me, as compared to Kate Middleton. Kate was very important in the royal family. According to Prince Harry's wife, the media criticized her, but the royal family remained silent. Meghan said that if this had happened to Kate Middleton, the media rules would have changed.

It is believed that British Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle decided to leave the royal life and move to North America four months ago. The couple decided to separate from the family so that they could be financially independent.

A few incidents in the past have shown that Prince Harry and his wife were not happy with the royal family. In October 2019, the Daily Mail published a letter that Meghan wrote to her father. Meghan Markle had sued the Daily Mail over this act.

Prince Harry compared this behavior to that of his mother, Princess Diana, and said that history was repeating itself, which he feels deeply regretted.

He said "There comes a time when you stand up against such behavior,". This is called harassment in common parlance, which is the name of taking unfair advantage of people's silence. This kind of behavior is unacceptable at every level. We will not tolerate it.

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