What you can and Can’t do in Alert Level-3 New Zealand:Exit from Alert Level 4

New Zealand (Info Corner Online) Today 27th April 2020 The Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has explained that what alert level 3 will look like.
Since several days, the new cases are in single figures and according to her, the Virus is currently eliminated but the Government officials have warned that, it does not mean it is an end of the Coronavirus cases in New Zealand. After couple of hours we are going to enter in Alert level 3 from Alert Level 4 on Tuesday 12:00 AM.

New Zealand performed 123,920 number of tests, so far there are 1469 cases in New Zealand with 19 Deaths. But if we dig into these numbers of cases, we only have 270 active cases, as 1180 patients have been recovered from the deadly virus.  According to the BBC today "New Zealand says it has stopped community transmission of Covid-19, effectively eliminating the virus". 
So, in a way, we have won the battle against the unseen enemy. Now we are going to move in Alert level 3 and everybody is eager to know about what we can and can't do in Alert level 3 so according to the New Zealand Government officials 
  • In Alert Level 3 there is a very clear message for everybody "Stay at home unless you are going to school, work, or local recreation" so it means schools are going to open from year 1 to 10 (29 April) and ECE  (Early Childhood Education)will be open for families who need them, And children should continue to learn from home if they can. On the other hand all the tertiary institutions and Universities will still remain closed.
  • Keep your bubble as small as possible but if you need then you can expand it to bring in the close family, isolated people or caregivers
  • Physical distance recommendation outside of your home is still 2 meters unless you are in school or in the workplace then it could be 1 meter.
  • If you company gives you an opportunity to work from home the carry on if you still can.
  • All the New Zealand Businesses are open but only for delivery and contactless pickup.
  • Places like liberties, Museum, cinemas, Food courts, Gyms, Pools, Playgrounds, Markets will still be closed.
  • Funerals, Weddings and tangihanga are allowed but only maximum 10 people are allowed and there cannot be any food or reception events.
  • No traveling is allowed outside of the region you are in.
  • Just like in Alert Level 4, in Supermarkets, petrol stations and Pharmacies, people will still be keeping the 2 meters distance
  • Healthcare services will continue to use virtual, non-contact consultations where possible.
  • Uber eats will be back online, but you can ring your local restaurants and avail their personal delivery
  • Most probably the Drive throughs will be open
Public transport will be open, you can use public transport if you are traveling to school, work, supermarket, or pharmacy but do not use it if you are not feeling well so call your doctor first.

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