After Corona 2020 is under another attack: Murder Hornets

What are the murder hornets and do we need to worry about it? In the United States, the killer creature has reached now after the corona pandemic, which slaughters the honey bees and are very dangerous to the humans as well.

New Zealand (Infocorner Online) Today we have news to discuss something strange, which is not relevant to music, sports, or anything. This is about the “Murder Hornet” which has arrived in North America and the funny thing is, the year 2020 is getting better and better as you know since few years we are hearing the news about the “World War -3”. 

In Jan 2020 the death of Kobe and Gianna Bryant(American Basketball Player), The Corona Virus outbreak and the quarantine after that, Economy shut down throughout the World, Oil Prices are the lowest in the history right now, all the sports and the events has been canceled, Schools have been shut down, and on top of everything Pentagon has released the video of the UFO Aliens.

Now we come in May 2020 and we have the “Murder Hornets” reached in North America. The Size of the Hornets is massive and probably you have never seen such a creature in decades. They are the Asian Giant Hornets and their Queen in the colony may reach up to the size of 2 inches. They have big jaws with a shape like spiked shark fins and they are out there to attack on the Honey bees, easy enough for them to finish the full hive in a matter of hours, also kill the honey bees and take the thorax to feed the young family of their colony.

The Asian giant Hornets have Stingers full of venom, big enough to puncture the beekeeping dresses. People who have been the victims of these “Murder Hornets” claim that the stinging is more like the hot metal piece moving into their body means the impacts of the sting is worse than the other Hymenoptera.

This is the first time in the history, they have arrived in USA, as in Japan they kill almost 50 people a year. It is an awkward species of the hornets that can be very dangerous and deadly to humans. The small number of collections has been seen in the Northwest and after that last Saturday, their nickname “Murder Hornets” started trending on twitter while the experts had been tracing the Asian hornet species for many months. 

The Washington State Department is in action after they have found the two confirmed cases of the predator. The experts claim that, the hornets would not be as dangerous as we think but it is going to be a real disaster for the beekeeping industry, if we did not control their arrival at this spot.

This dangerous species makes about 40 to 50 victims per year and they may suffer from serious allergies, necrosis, failure of the respiratory system, Blood clotting, kidney failure, or may cause liver damage. The hornets with the high potency venom may cause a death for the victim. After the sighting of the Murder hornets, the Agriculture Department of the Washington requested to the people of Washington to report any sightings of the murder hornets.

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