Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Welcome to infocorner Website. We take care of the privacy of our website visitors and subscribers in all respects - We also assure you that the information you provide is 100% secure. Infocorner believes that the, Trust is an important factor of the service that we provide to our website visitors and subscribers. We ensure that to maintain the trust that you have given to the Infocorner to keep that we will make each and every effort to protect your privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. The Privacy policy is basically we consider is a part of the Infocorner's end-user agreement. When you use our site, You are giving permission to Infocorner's privacy practice means the Use and the disclosure of any personal information that you share with us.
We also declare that we never ever did or never ever sell or share any personal information to the third parties. Your private information is very important to us. When you visit our site, and if we ask you any personal information we are liable to protect it and we will not use this formation for our benefit or somebody else benefit. The Private Information also includes which pages you visit, and any feedback you give. Later on we go through these comments and feedback to improve the quality of service and your experience on our website. 
To maintain the quality of service and better experience, We may ask you to provide us with more personal identification details, which may include your address, Phone number, etc. Further information will also be treated under the same privacy act which have described above in the Privacy Policy. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on the following Email Ids.



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